A Phone made the Google way

Google wanted to embrace everything that makes the brand unique in this Pixel 4 launch campaign. Colour, playfulness and simplicity were at the core of this spot with a prevelent nod to the Bauhaus design movement. What started as a simple design-exploration evolved into a comprehensive visual system.

Role: Art direction, design
Client: Google

For the campaign film we highlighted new features using grid based animation and simple shape language. We loved exploring ways to integrate the phone as another texture in our compositions but still keeping it center focus throughout.

The out of home campaign kept the same aesthetic but leant into a more tactile real world space showing off the device in all it’s three dimensional glory. We developed this 3D world further pushing the style into interesting new territories.


Executive Creative Director
Ryan Honey

Creative Director
Steve Day

Managing Executive Producer
Maurie Enochson

Executive Producer
Emily Rickard

Rebecca Park
Maggie Robinson

Sol Lee
Frederico Felix
Jordan Lyle
Justin Harder
Joe Brooks
Jigyu Yoon
Eve Hodgkinson
Stephen Kelleher
Zoe Schneider
Janice Ahn
Audrey Yeo

Animation Lead
Taylor Griggs

Joe Brooks
Kyle Griggs
Scott Jonsson
Peter Kallstrom
Ramzi Hogan
Dan Rodrigues

Nick Petley
Moses journey
Matthew Jameson

Marc Steinberg
Jens Lindgren
Sana Srinvasen