Giftier Gifts 

Everyone loves the holidays and our idea was to push everything that’s great about the festive season even further in this trippy gifting campaign for Headspace. The idea being that mindfulness & meditation can heighten your experience of life. 

Role: Art Direction

Grab Chocolate. Click play.

The second part of this campaign comes in the form of a physical gift, chocolate. We created this weird and wonderful stop motion video as a step by step guide on how to enjoy chocolate mindfully. Supported by the wise words of former buddhist monk & Headpace co-founder Andy Puddicombe.  

A more surreal art direction goes hand in hand with the ethos that mindfulness can make your life a richer and fuller experience.

Creative Directors
Brydon Gerus
William Fowler

Maggie Tran

Nathan Moorman

Stephanie Gonot

Prop Styling & Sets
Lauren Machin